Focus on DEPTH, not width

We're really, really good at a few things. We focus on those.
SocialNaxa works with StartUps & emerging organisations to build brands using digital assets.


we strived to break
the #STATUS quo

we love StartUps.

We understand the importance of the journey of a StartUp to a Brand. There is no need to take this journey alone. In today's world of "socialnomics", there is no other way of building a brand than using social media & digital assets. We are here to accompany you on this journey. Leave the heavy social & digital lifting on us... you spend more time to build your StartUp.

small brands but BIG projects.

We love to be a part of your journey… we love to work with founders & creators. We know where the heart is.

we work with our hands, heart and our minds.

Strategy, Artistry, Technology & Relationship defines our work.


What we can do for you?

Social Branding

We understand the essence of ethos, pathos & logos of successful communication that connects brands and ideas to consumers.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

We understand the continually progressing and adapting social media scenario, now it is the most powerful marketing resource for any brand. We create a results-based SMM strategy that will build a strong social media foundation for your business.

Digital Marketing

We understand "socialnomics” and help StartUps & emerging organisations in digital marketing to influencer advertising, from communication management to the brand formation, we are a one-stop solution provider for all your new age branding requirements.

Influencer Marketing

We understand the specific usage of various social media platforms used by your new age consumers and types of influencers on them. Connecting with them requires understanding the etiquette, language, and play by their rules.

Design & Layout

Be it a logo, packaging, a stunning annual report or your social media post we will be there for you.

UI/UX Design

We understand Good user experience is a byproduct of intelligent strategy and processes. Our UI/UX design integrated and comprehensive, delivering both content and conversion opportunities for businesses.


Why BRANDS loves us?

Here at SocialNaxa, we understand the importance of social media & digital assets in today's first changing human behavioral pattern. We have a strong passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced team of individuals.

Great Work

Obvious, right? Yes... we make excellence of our standard, and never settle. We are clear on what BRANDS expect and strive to meet.

Strategic POV.

With the deep domain knowledge and understanding we bring our strategic recommendations to the table.


We have a huge network of influencers over various social media platforms.

End to End.

From Design Thinking to Social Branding & Experience Design we are your one-stop-shop for any service you require.

Transparency and Feedback.

Open communication culture helps us to create a healthy relationship and get feedback from our clients. We translate these feedbacks into opportunities to improve our process, work or communications.


Why INFLUENCERS loves us?

Here at SocialNaxa, we understand the pain, struggle, hard-work & passion of a creator. We have strong team of people who understand and share all these. With the first-hand knowledge and an ever-growing network of driven people let’s monetize your passion.

Showcase & Collaborate.

We understand the importance of showcasing your work. Collaborate and we will turn your passion into a sustainable business by connecting awesome brands to collaborate and create mind-blowing branded content.

Your Terms.

We respect your relationship with your audience. Choose your brand, your rates, and give your unadulterated views.

We Love Creators.

Whatever the size of your audience we love you as a creator. Let us help you to market & grow Your Influence.

Your Own Language.

Being based out of India, we understand the power of vernacular languages. Choose your own language of influence.

Transparency and Feedback.

With the in-build culture of transparency, we are free to discuss about feedbacks and transfer them to opportunities. It helps you to work closely with the brands you are working with.

Our Clients


“We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, The question is how well we DO it.”

- Erik Qualman

Our Team


Being a management professional in the infotainment media industry with over 14 years of tested and trusted experience Abhisek leverage the resourceful network and understanding of the industry pulse. With a deep passion for media and content, Abhisek is fuelling SocialNaxa.


Skilled with creative, analytical and leadership competencies, Imran has driven various organisations. After spending a considerable amount of time in the media industry, Imran has specialized skills in various verticals of the new age content business.


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